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    Special thanks to

    Building Designs

    - Grian
    - Lord Dakr
    - TBergCreations
    - Thebuildingduck
    - Greg Builds
    - WBC Builds
    - Jeracraft
    - ApoBuilds for skyblock spawn
    - Rizzial

    Tested by

    - JanosHun
    - Toma066
    - killer0
    - Szia
    - KemeseDFN
    - maques (Not minecraft username)
    - Strohkomet1987
    - sajtww

    Credits for builds, plugins

    -LoneDev-Cranium-Alexey Nekrasov-Vulkanrafar-Petraller-Kruga-Tweelix-vLakakita


    We would like to salute to a server named Tresholdmc.
    In our opinion, it was the best server we played on. The gamemodes were unique, the administrators were nice and the server was fantastic and non-p2w!

    Gameslabs, the best running server, if you want to play on a server which is not grindy! The server has many games besides shitty skypvp, fullpvp, combofly or other mainstream servers, the point is they are unique. play.gameslabs.net