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  • Our server contains games too!

    We made this server for it's uniquity, there are no boring kitpvp,fullpvp,prison or these grindy types of gamemodes.
    The problem with these games is they are not fun, you just need to grind to get to the top of the leaderboard.
    (99% of them are p2w too!) If you have enough of these types of servers join Meinkraft.

    Here is a little list of our games:

    -In the lobby:
    --Other Minigames,
    --Lobby pvp (Can be enabled),
    -Twisted Survival, (Coming Soon)
    -Russian Strike,
    -Vanilla Skyblock,
    -A small little game:
    (Made for testing a JS AI, not really a game)

  • Small Platformer
  • Russian Strike

    This is the main game of this server! The story starts in England. Russians have conquered england and terrorized nearby territories. Your goal is to kill the corrupt russian leaders and take back England with the help of the resistance. You can complete quests, buy weapons, pets, vehicles, houses, facilities, rob banks and fight with strong monsters. Team up with the resistance and defeat the commies. The (current) mass of the map is 18k*18k (land) which is insane. It also offers dynamic npcs, YES LIKE IN A REAL CITY. In the future we plan to expand the whole landmass to 57k*100k which is ~equal to the mass of the Czech Republics. Keep in mind that you are spawning on the smallest island (1.5k*1.5k)
    List of features:
    -200+ Unique weapons
    -Huge map
    -Dynamic Npcs
    -40+ Quests
    -Space mechanincs
    -Custom texturepack

    Twisted Survival (Brutal Craft)

    Twisted Survival is a highly modified Survival. Monsters are a lot stronger, there are custom structures spawning around the world, custom weapons, items and monsters. We also added a lot of new unique mechanics to this game which is a very unique thing most servers don't have and can't have. We are the first server where mobs are actually working with each other in order to kill the player. There are more than 4000 custom items in the game and more than 200 custom structures. 1.16.5 mechanics were so bad we needed to replace some stupid things. First of all, the Ender Dragon got his 1.8 behaviour back (he switches between 1.9 and 1.8 behaviour) and is immune to bed/block explosions, we spiced up the nether so getting blaze rods are harder. Actually, they are no hard to find but getting out of the nether is gonna be a real pain. We made villagers summon an Iron Golem when he got lost from the village as a protector. We added over 600 new plants/bushes and trees. But the most important of this server is the uniqueness. It adds long-needed features back (Unclear why Mojang never added them) like Red dragon, Giant boss but most importantly HeroBrine. Yes the main goal of this server is to make the survival aspect a little more cannonic that it was before. Monsters were buffed but not with extra health or damage but with some specials that were originally in minecraft's code but for some reason Mojang never used them. Skeletons shoot like aimbot, zombies call for help, spiders dodge arrows, etc. We also tweaked a few things, here's the whole list:
    -Bigger villages, more golem types
    -Harder raids
    -Added the Iceologer
    -Ported 1.17,1.18,1.19 features back to 1.16.5 with almost same results
    -Added better wildlife (zebras,giraffes,toads,frogs and a lot more)
    -Added 4000 custom items, blocks and models
    -Added sieges, monster groups and monster groupings
    -Added 600+ custom flora elements
    -Added 200+ custom structures
    -Added 80+ custom enchants
    -Added Illusioner to the game as a full mob
    -Added a few custom bosses
    -Added new ambient sounds
    -Added new props for a more immersive terrain
    -Added drills
    -Added better beacons
    -Added chestboat (base version 1.16.5)
    -Added disasters
    -Added more weather types and weather deflector
    -Added better rain
    -Buffed Skeleton aim
    -Zombies now can see you from REALLY far
    -Spiders now dodge arrows
    -All caves are now aging
    -Added more than 300 custom mobs
    -Emojis in chat
    -Added illnesses
    -Added more endgame content
    -Buffed Enderdragon
    -Added teleportation scrolls
    -Nether roof expansion
    -New game mechanics
    -Removed some mechanics that made the game unfairly easy
    -AI controlled monster raids
    -New Zombie Variants
    -Overhauled End
    -More, better Villagers
    -Optifine support