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    MeinKraft is currently !

    Server Domains (IPs):



    - Website: https://meinkraft.hu
    - Discord: https://discord.gg/4DAWE3tgE7
    - Support: meinkrafthelp@gmail.com

    In this website we will announce our updates and other inportant information about the server. Our gamemodes:

    Twisted Survival | Russian Strike | Skyblock | SkyWars | UHC

    Mob AI hivemind

    In MeinKraft we are currently testing an AI hivemind which allows us to make mobs grouping and cooperating with eachother across the whole world. With this hivemind our goal is to make a survival server where mobs are much stronger thanks to this. Monsters can walk from unloaded chunks and follows players to 10 thousands of blocks. You can try it out now, but this AI is currently in a test phase. (Runs with as little as 20MB, if you are interested contact us on discord)
    AI Activity modes:
    0 = No Entities
    0-800 = Mobs are normal
    800-1200 = Mobs have slightly better AI
    1200-2600 = Mobs have extremely good AI
    2600+ = Chaos

    Player created servers


    For now player servers are limited, we are accepting only unique entries. For more information: https://discord.gg/4DAWE3tgE7


    If you have a lot of ideas/experience with server creation but have no money we can help you. We support people with original ideas. If you feel your server idea can be very successful but have no money or little money contact us via email or discord. We can provide you these:
    -4GB ddr4 ram with 8GB swapfile (for fallback)
    -1 opened port (if needed)
    -[Creator] rank
    For requirements see "Server Hosting"

    Support us

    You can help us by voting on our server! This is absolutely free and requires no time!
    List of voting sites:
    Minecraft Servers PMC
    mcservers mclist


    Below this message you can see the versions of the server.

    Pre-Retail 2019.8.5-2020.3.21


    Retail (Alpha) 2020.3.21-2021.6.15

    Server Version 1.0
    -Gta 1.0 finished,
    -server permission system stabilized.

    Server Version 1.1
    -Survival updated with realistic plugins,
    -Bug fixes.

    Server Version 1.2
    -Gta updated with quests!
    -Permissions fixed.
    -Planning mmorpg

    Server Version 1.3
    -Fixed server performance

    Server Version 1.4
    -Server is online,
    -You can now bank your money in Gta gamemode.

    Server Version 1.5
    -Lobby overhaul,
    -Gta server patches,
    -Survival Dragon Egg *Almost* Looted,
    -Gta server house interior 1/2 done.
    -Added Bedwars and 2 bedwars maps.

    Server Version 1.6
    -Fixed compatibility issues,
    -Server now requires a mojang account,
    -Survival Dragon Egg Looted,
    -Added Skyblock.
    -Added Tntrun.

    Server Version 1.7
    -Completely replaced gta enemies,
    -Gta enemies now have a military rank system,
    -New quests.

    Server Version 1.8
    -Added 70+ enchants to skyblock,
    -New bosses and a new island on skyblock,
    -Replaced skyblock core plugin from Askyblock to Iridiumskyblock

    Server Version 1.8.1
    -Implemented a wanted level system,
    -Gta enemies can drop their weapons that can be sold,
    -Vehicles in GTA can now shot(Tank,Helicopter,Plane),
    -Finished building 2/3 size of the current map,
    -New quests.

    Server Version 1.8.2
    -Added a Casino with plenty of minigames:
    -Roulette,Rock Paper Scrissors,Jackpot,Coinflip,Crash
    -Added shop assistants calling the police when you rob them,
    -New robbing location.

    Server Version 1.8.6
    -Added 42+ guns to GTA,
    -Small bug fixes and some guns nerfed,
    -New robbing location.

    Server Version 1.9
    -Revamped Shops in GTA,
    -Finished the 2 isles interrior,
    -Added loot chests.
    -Added npcs drops their guns and you can use them.

    Server Version 1.9.1
    -Nerfed some (lots) of guns in GTA,
    -Added a new triggerable event (Alien Hunting),
    -Guns now have 10% chance to deliver critical hits
    -To enemies (Excluding: Tesla weapons,Futuristic weapons,
    -Nerfed loots from chests.

    Server Version 1.9.8
    -New Quests,
    -New shop,
    -New Boss,
    -Fixed Quests Journal does not shows coordinates,
    -Added Medical Loot Chest,

    Server Version 1.9.9
    -Updated Version compatibility,
    -New locations in GTA,
    -Added new shops, kits, and weapons,
    -Preparing GTA map for huge changes,
    -Added More loot chest,

    Server Version 2.0
    -Added a LOT of new and huge islands to GTA,
    -Added Custom leveling system,
    -Added K/D and kills stats,
    -Fixed Bugs,

    -New locations,

    Server Version 2.1
    -Added new city,
    -Added jobs and school,
    -Boxing overhaul,
    -New guns,
    -Fixed some mayor bugs

    Server Version 2.2
    -Added 40+ Weapons,
    -Added A Facility renting system,
    -Completely Reworked Shops,
    -You can now teleport to your property (if you bought one) with /ht home (propertyname(number))(propertynumber) 1,2,3,
    -Fixed some small bugs

    Server Version 2.3
    -Added new quests,
    -Added a lot of rentable locations,
    -Added brewery,
    -Reworked jobs,
    -Added new boss and a great xp grinding location

    Server Version 2.4
    -Added 2 New gamemodes: Zombies, UHC,
    -Added 1.7.x,1.8.x,1.9.x-support,
    -Fixed some visual bugs,
    -Added new foods for GTA,
    -Reworked lobby

    Server Version 2.4.1
    -Fixed in GTA that some signs may kill all mobs,
    -Fixed balance shown white in scoreboard, (it may occur again :/)
    -Fixed some duplicating methods,
    -Removed 2 weapons,
    -Reworked some vehicles

    Server Version 2.4.2
    -Fixed some weapon exploits,
    -Added new police job and police station,
    -Added police training quest,
    -Added new musics,
    -Patched high weapon drop rates

    Server Version 2.5
    -Fixed NPC knockback (FINALLY),
    -Fixed anvil renaming glitch
    -Added new weapons and explosives

    Server Version 2.6 (2021.04.11)
    -Added a pvp mode to spawn,
    -Removed some annoying features,
    -Added new weapons,
    -Made a new lobby to TNTRun

    Server Version 2.6.1 (2021.04.15)
    -Fixed vanilla chunk generation in GTA

    Server Version 2.6.2 (2021.04.22)
    -Fixed some bugs that may affect the server performance,
    -Added realistic npcs,
    -Remade some older buildings,

    Server Version 2.6.3 (2021.04.27)
    -Planned server opening,
    -Fixed some NPC bugs,
    -Added new weapons and new quests,

    Server Version 2.7 (2021.05.02)
    -Added more music to /music,
    -Added boss musics for some stronger bosses,
    -Started reworking the Quest system,
    -Built a new lobby and added some extra features to it

    Server Version 2.8 (2021.05.20)
    -Rebalanced Weapons,
    -Added more weapons and throwables,
    -Added minigames for lobby,
    -Reworked Quest formatting,
    -Expanded the Russian Strike with an island,
    -Added a new mob for russian strike, (Tiger)
    -Fixed cellphone prices,
    -Rebalanced vehicles,
    -Added anti-cheat,
    -Fixed some memory leaks with 1.13 and above,
    -Removed an unused feature,
    -Fixed some bugs in cutscenes,
    -NPCs now attack you no matter what gender they are,
    -Added custom tab to all servers,
    -Added Skywars with 2 maps,
    -Fixed an NPC in the lobby,
    -Added a report system,
    -Renamed GTA to Russian Strike as GTA is not really describing this game

    Server Version 2.8.2 (2021.05.25)
    -Added vanilla skyblock,
    -Fixed skyblock,
    -Built a new skyblock spawn

    Server Version 2.8.8 (2021.06.09)
    -Preparing for initial release,
    -Fixed chat related issues,
    -Added quest list for Russian Strike

    Server Version 3.0 (2021.06.15)
    -Initial release

    Initial Release 2021.6.15-Nowdays

    Server Version 3.1 (2021.06.09)
    -Added +32GB ram and swap file, (If you want to optimize your server contact Marioplayer, he will help you)
    -Fixed lag issues,
    -Added heist,
    -Disabled UHC as there are not enough players yet
    -Changed MOTD

    Server Version 3.2.1 (2021.07.07)
    -Rewrote some laggy configurations and plugins,
    -New dynamic motd,
    -1.17.x support,
    -Redesigned spawn,
    -Added skyblock,
    -Added daily rewards for skyblock,
    -Removed brooms from Russian Strike,
    -Removed support for 1.7.x

    Server Version 3.2.2 (2021.07.09)
    -Added player counts for each game,
    -Removed some useless features in the lobby,
    -Aligned some unaligned texts,
    -Adding back uhc (1-2 days)

    Server Version 3.3 (2021.07.14)
    -Removed Tntrun and skywars,
    -Preparing for cracked/premium login (Mojang account players does not need to login),
    -UHC aborted as there were no players

    Server Version 3.4 (2021.07.18)
    -Now you can vote for the server, this is absolutely free and helps a lot to the server,
    -Overhauled lobby

    Server Version 3.5 (2021.08.12)
    -Skyblock overhaul,
    -Fixed some display bugs,
    -Fixed some bugs with skywars

    Server Version 3.6 (2021.08.18)
    -Added better combo for skywars,
    -Aligned 'MeinKraft' displays,
    -Added custom fishing,
    -Overhauled brewery and added new recipes,
    -Made some messages better,
    -Made the lobby fancier,
    -Fixed some plugin displays

    Server Version 3.6.1 (2021.08.18)
    -Re-added Skywars,
    -Added a new map for skywars,
    -Updated website

    Server Version 3.6.2 (2021.09.03)
    -Remade some parts of russian strike,
    -Creating new resourcepack for guns,
    -Final testing phase of brutalcraft,
    -added gov.meinkraft.cf as a + domain

    Server Version 3.7.1 (2021.09.15)
    -Remade skyblock,
    -Got custom server jar,
    -Removed useless things from skywars,
    -Updated website,

    Server Version 3.7.2 (2021.09.25)
    -Removed useless plugins,
    -Rewrote some plugins

    Server Version 3.7.3 (2021.09.30)
    -Changed host due to 700 ms ping, now reduced

    Server Version 3.8.1 (2021.10.05)
    -Added TwistedSurvival, (finally)
    -Rewrote misleading texts in lobby/russian strike

    Server Version 3.8.1 (2021.10.11)
    -New map for Russian Strike
    -Added /help for russian strike
    -Tweaked and optimized performance
    -Removed useless messages

    Server Version 3.8.2 (2021.10.12)
    -Rewamped spawn, again

    Server Version 3.8.3 (2021.10.13)
    -Added new guns for Russian Strike
    -Added better lobby tab/scoreboard
    -Added better twisted survival scoreboard
    -Reworked plant textures

    Server Version 3.8.4 (2021.10.13 Hotfix)
    -Rewrote hologram message
    -Rewrote tab message
    -Balanced disasters

    Server Version 3.8.5 (2021.10.15)
    -Added Envoy event to skyblock
    -Added pvp arena to skyblock
    -Renamed some prefixes

    Server Version 3.8.6 (2021.10.17)
    -Added skills system to skyblock
    -Added new mobs to Survival
    -Added back the cave systems

    Server Version 3.8.7 (2021.10.23)
    -Added a TON of new mods to twisted survival (custom modelled mobs)
    -Fixed some weapons in russian strike
    -Removed some laggy/unused textures

    Server Version 3.8.8 (2021.10.25)
    -Reworked a few weapons
    -Added back npc police to Russian Strike

    Server Version 3.8.9 (2021.11.05)
    -Reworked a few weapons
    -Added proper prologue to Russian Strike
    -Particles to lobby
    -Added a few new items/mobs to skyblock/survival
    -Added new client version support
    -Added new weapons to Russian Strike

    Server Version 3.9 (2021.11.10)
    -Added some new items to Twisted Survival
    -Added new structre and formations to Twisted Survival
    -Added statues to Twisted Survival
    -Reworked Twisted Survival lobby
    -Added some new details to the lobby
    -Optimized Twisted Survival

    Server Version 3.9.2 (2021.11.15)
    -Added new animals to Twisted Survival
    -Ported 1.17 features to 1.16.5 Twisted Survival
    -Reworked the scoreboard

    Server Version 3.9.3 (2021.11.15 Hotfix)
    -Fixed default messages
    -Added scrolls Twisted Survival
    -Made unobtainable items obtainable

    Server Version 3.9.4 (2021.11.19)
    -Added VIP rang which is 100% EULA friendly
    -Fixed misleading messages in skyblock
    -Optimized 1.16.5+ servers

    Server Version 3.9.5 (2021.11.22)
    -Added a lot of animals for Twisted survival
    -Fixed voting issues
    -Prepared Twisted survival for updating to 1.18
    -Added the freerank command (/freerank)
    -Added new textures to Twisted Survival
    -Spiced up the lobby with particles

    Server Version 3.9.6 (2021.12.04)
    -Added Xenomorphs and foreign creatures to Twisted survival
    -Added new items
    -Reworked some nether creatures
    -Reworked some weapons in Russian Strike
    -Added new animals: crocodile, elephant
    -Fixed up some models
    -Removed Useless items
    -Added new weapons

    Server Version 3.9.7 (2021.12.08)
    -Renamed some plants in Twisted survival for a more funky experience
    -Added new xenomorph mechanics
    -Removed Useless plugins
    -Ported plugin/mod mobs to mythicmobs
    -Re-decorated spawn
    -Fixed plugin self-overwrite

    Server Version 3.9.8 (2021.12.17)
    -Fixed Log4j exploit
    -Fixed crash exploit
    -Fixed an issue with voting
    -Added a lot of new mobs
    -Remade spawn (again)
    -Added mob ambient sounds
    -Added new items

    Server Version 3.9.9 (2021.12.24)
    -Added cracked support (minimal)
    -Revamped skywars lobby
    -Removed useless items from Twisted Survival
    -Remade some weapons
    -Added mobs

    Server Version 3.9.9 (2021.12.30 Hotfix)
    -Fixed crash exploits
    -Added new anticheat
    -Changed domain name from .cf to .hu
    -Remade some weapons
    -Added mobs
    -Added a ton of new structures
    -Fixed some mob abilities
    -Fixed miswritten messages

    Server Version 4.0.0 (2021.12.31)
    -Initial release
    -Added new items/blocks
    -Added new gui mechanics
    -Remade some weapons
    -Remade some textures
    -Fixed skin issues

    Server Version 4.0.1 (2021.01.08)
    -Fixed "Flying is not enabled in this server" when using some vehicles
    -Added 300+ new blocks
    -Fixed some gui mechanics
    -Remade some weapons
    -Added new mobs
    -Removed /grave plugin (there are alternatives)
    -Added new magic mechanics
    -Balanced some weapons

    Server Version 4.0.2 (2021.01.19)
    -Fixed a bug when typing some gibberish characters would kick players
    -Added better antiswear and chatfilter
    -New robbing mechanic in Russian Strike
    -Improved anticheat in Russian Strike
    -Added new mobs
    -Fixed some exploits where players could duplicate blocks
    -Balanced some items on Survival
    -Made some little changes on spawn

    Server Version 4.0.3 (2021.01.27)
    -Remade spawn
    -Improved antiswear
    -Extended heists in russian strike
    -Fixed small bugs
    -Added new mobs
    -Custom wooden logs can now be smelted into 2 charcoal
    -Balanced vehicles in Survival
    -Made some changes in the resourcepack to reduce its size and loading time (next udpate will drastically increase its impact)
    -Added new designing materials to Survival
    -Rearranged inventory menus

    Server Version 4.0.4 (2021.01.28)
    -Fixed an exploit where you could get barrier via crawling
    -Reduced server resourcepack with 5 MB (20% of resourcepack)
    -Prepared survival for upgrading to 1.18
    -Patched 3 duplication exploits

    Server Version 4.0.5 (2021.01.31)
    -Readjusted scoreboard information
    -Removed useless scoreboard information
    -New structure, Piglin Megabase (500*500 blocks random end game structure in nether)
    -Added new piglin types (elytra piglin, ballista, mage, miner)
    -Made Piglins smarter
    -Added a ton of new decoration items
    -Rebalanced some mobs

    Server Version 4.0.6 (2021.02.04)
    -Rebalanced animal random-spawns
    -Added Tribesmen
    -Removed more useless textures

    Server Version 4.0.6 (2021.02.04 Hotfix)
    -Removed lottery from Russian Strike (Until 4 concurrent players which is unlikely to happen :/)

    Server Version 4.0.7 (2021.02.05)
    -Made custom animals more common
    -Added a lot of new animals
    -Reworked custom armor sets
    -Fixed randomspawns
    -Added new armors

    Server Version 4.0.8 (2021.02.06)
    -Added new animals
    -Added the hexabite (octopus-like creature which attacks you (rarely with tentacles))

    Server Version 4.0.9 (2021.02.07)

    For Moderator

    Not obligatory but recommended

    -At least 16 years old
    -At least played minecraft for 7-8 years
    -Have some manners


    -Be respectful
    -English level C2
    -Have common sense (If you swear you will be permanently suspended!!!)
    -Must have played on the server for 2 weeks
    -Must have at least 1 week experience on moderation
    -Must be active on the server (at least 1-2 hour weekly)
    -Must be active on the threads

    For Administrator

    Not obligatory but recommended

    -At least 16 years old
    -At least played minecraft for 7-8 years
    -Have some manners
    -Reported bugs/exploits


    -Be atleast a moderator for 2 months before
    -English level C2
    -Played at least 5 months on the server
    -Understanding advanced commands (ex: json format/cmd/ec, editing hard drive manually with commands)
    -Must understand PUTTY/SSH2/SSL
    -Must know basic linux debian commands, midnightcommander commands
    -Must understand advanced minecraft commands, basic and advanced plugins (ex: we,wg,hd,ess,pex,lp
    -Must understand js,java
    -If you have these requirements, you need to fill out the application form, we will require more extra information about you to decide whether or not recruit you.

    For Foreign Server Creators

    If you have a unique server but you can't afford to host it we will host it for you. You will receive the creator rank on your server/lobby

    We will provide up to 4 GB ddr4 ram, 8 GB swapfile and 1 standard minecraft port and SSH/PUTTY access to your server!

    Not obligatory but recommended

    -At least 16 years old
    -We recommend to use 1.8 or 1.12, 1.13 and up are VERY UNSTABLE, even Yatopia, the most unstable server jar is better than new versions.
    -We recommend to use papermc, tunity, purpur as server jars.


    -Have a unique server (We won't host fullpvp,skypvp or these copycat gamemodes)
    -Must use the P,MOD,ADMIN,CREATOR rank system
    -Can NOT use vote system! (/vote)
    -Must not use obfuscated plugins!
    -Must use non cracked/nulled plugins (They are risky and also we do not encourage to pirate plugins!!)
    -Must use ppb plugin with offline mode
    -Must use our bungeecord login/services (also do NOT use Authme or other shitty protection plugins, they can be bypassed by ease, we have a much secure login system)

    For Youtubers

    Not obligatory but recommended

    20+ years old


    -We support small content creators, we do NOT require you to have 'x' subscribers
    -Must be original
    -We do NOT support clickbaity youtubers, those youtubers are not welcome in MeinKraft
    -If you make at least a video in MeinKraft we will honor it with a [Youtuber] rank