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We designed our store to comply the EULA of minecraft. You will find no p2w ranks, currencies or other scummy scams there. You can only buy things that does not give you any direct or in-game unfair advantage here. For reference see EULA of mojang. However if you purchase something here you are supporting the server A LOT. We kept our prices low because the ranks only give you cosmetics / early access to gamemodes. You can pay with paypal or BTC, if you pay with BTC email to your btc address and the rank you want to buy. We also guarantee that 100% of the money you spent here goes to the improvement of the server to provide you the best gaming experience. We also want to keep this store EULA friendly so no p2w shit will appear here, ever. Also, all money directly goes to server development.

-Refunding is prophibited (that's why we prefer BTC)
-You can only purchase for yourself from the store
-You are not permitted to abuse your rank in any physical or virtual way
-Chargebacks are prophibited
-Exploting the mechanics of the store or the payments methods are illegal

We are offering:
-Currencies that does not needed to advance in-game
-Priority Queue

For more information: